About Me

I’m a Canadian palaeontologist interested in dinosaurs and mammals, as well as the ecosystems they lived in. Right now, I’m a postdoctoral researcher at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada. You can learn more about my research here.

I was born in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, but raised for most of my life in Ottawa, Ontario. It’s there that I developed my passion for palaeontology, which led me to Alberta for my undergraduate and PhD programs. I love travelling and photography, and luckily these pursuits fit well with my career choice. Lately I’ve gotten into videography, too! Be sure to check out my documentary miniseries about palaeontology!

Beyond palaeontology, I’m also an avid guitarist, landscape/wildlife photographer, and I love cooking. Although I used to play in a heavy metal band as an angsty teen, I’ve mellowed out and now mostly play a gorgeous acoustic my father built for me (below). You can check out more of his work here and here.