Consulting Services

My wide range of experience in research, writing, scientific communication and photography gives me an ideal skillset for scientific consulting. I offer services in copy writing, spread design, image sourcing, fact checking, and other expert advice, for a wide array palaeontological topics.

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Copy writing: I provide original content to any word length and for any audience, all sourced from the most recent primary scientific literature, and on a wide range of topics spanning almost all of life on earth. I have extensive experience writing for public, non-scientific audiences, in an exciting, engaging way, and I am happy to research and write about any subject relating to life on earth, living or extinct.

Images and video: I have an extensive library of photographs available to license, including tens of thousands images of fossil and living animals, museum mounts, and landscapes from around the world. I also have hundreds of hours of video, with a particularly rich array of shots of palaeontologists working in the field and aerial footage of several palaeontological field sites around the globe. I can quickly provide advice on the appropriateness and accuracy of images, as well as suggestions for image sources for a wide variety of topics.

Development and design: My experience in scientific communication with diverse audiences guides my intuition about what subjects capture the public imagination. I can leverage this insight to help with content development and design, providing advice on what subjects are topical and popular, and how best to communicate the information in an accessible way.

Fact checking: My research keeps me constantly up-to-date with the primary literature and current scientific consensus for many palaeontological topics. I can efficiently ensure your images, text, or information are accurate, and provide corrections and alternatives where changes are needed.


The Science of the Earth: The secrets of our planet revealed

I helped in the development and contributed text and images for spreads covering a wide range of topics, from modern biodiversity hotspots to ecological succession, to famous fossil troves. I also wrote the period-by-period timeline of Earth’s history, outlining the major biological and environmental events in an easy-to-digest format. Most exciting on a personal level, this book features my first published image, of the Red Deer River Valley near Drumheller, Alberta.

Dorling Kindersley Handbooks: Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Life

I assisted in revamping and updating this classic handbook, which I owned as a kid. The completely reorganized, updated version now includes a state-of-the-art review of dinosaur relationships, new species, and a storyline recounting the evolution of major amniote lineages throughout the Mesozoic and Cenozoic, each of which I created. This new version provides an unparalleled trove of information about key species and the evolution of life on earth in an approachable, digestible format for teens and adults alike.

Tokyo Museum of Natural History and Science: The Dinosaur Expo 2019 Guidebook

I contributed four guidebook sections and artwork to the highly successful 2019 exhibition, The Dinosaur Expo, in Tokyo, Japan. The exhibit featured the recently described oviraptorid Oksoko avarsan, which I named alongside my team of colleagues in 2020. As part of the exhibition, I was invited to give a public lecture in Tokyo about my research on oviraptorid dinosaurs.