Mongolia Monday Travel Log 1

I’m travelling in Mongolia for eight weeks to do fieldwork and research. Each week I’ll post an update of what I’ve been up to.

Note: I’ll be in the field for the next two “Mongolia Mondays”, so there won’t be a live update. Look for a mega-update on September 3rd!

Week 1

After a long flight from Vancouver to Beijing and a 17-hour layover in the Beijing Airport, I finally arrived in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. This week we’re gearing up to head out to the field in the Gobi Desert. We’re heading to a remote area called Guriliin Tsav, alongside a research team from Italy supported by National Geographic. Our work will be to find new dinosaur sites, collect geochemical samples, and map the areas using drones.

For the first couple days here, we’re sitting in the newly-renovated research space at the Institute of Palaeontology and Geology. Phil is working away on some Velociraptor skulls, Eva is working on a Late Cretaceous plant paper, and I’m updating photos. Our host, Chinzorig, is running around organizing everything for our fieldwork on Wednesday August 15th.

Bonus 3D pdf of a Velociraptor skull. Do not reproduce without permission.

Fighting Velociraptor Skull (Works only with Adobe Acrobat)

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