Lone Spruce Trackway

It’s been a while since I posted anything, because I’ve been busy since returning from Mongolia. Short video to get you started:

As part of our fieldwork in the Horseshoe Canyon Formation, we’re always looking for new sites and exciting projects. These footprints were found in 2017 by Mark Powers, whose previous encounters with footprints made him uniquely suited to finding them. Although individual footprints are known from this area, there has never been a true trackway, which makes our find exciting.

In 2018 we put a bunch more work into the site, excavating a ton of overburden and exposing four new tracks. We also collected a track to bring home and flip, so that we could see the features of the bottom of the foot. We have more work to do before we can publish, but we’re well on our way to describing the first dinosaur trackway from the Horseshoe Canyon Formation!

Our work was generously supported by the Dinosaur Research Institute, and I’m pleased that some of their members were able to join us in the field. If you’re interested in supporting research like ours, please consider donating to the Dinosaur Research Institute!

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